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Who We Are

HindiClicks is the ultimate springboard to your success in learning the Hindi language. It is an online Hindi learning platform. Our customized online pedagogy helps participants get a stronghold on the Hindi language and broaden their horizons. The courses are customized as per the age, learning needs, interest and knowledge level of students. Our students come from various countries and time zones around the world. The classes are held through online learning modes like Skype/ Zoom/ Google Meet etc. as per the preference of the students. Over the course of this rewarding online language course, you will learn the nuances of Hindi language that will serve as your guiding post for communicating in Hindi confidently and effectively.



 Why Choose HindiClicks

HindiClicks is the most comprehensive, eclectic and all embracing place for your Hindi learning needs. We provide conversational, reading & writing courses for kids and adults. Whether you are a total beginner with no previous knowledge of Hindi or want to upgrade your existing knowledge, we offer you tailor made courses to suit your specific needs. 

So tell us your reason for learning Hindi:

  • You love India and want to explore the Indian culture and Hindi language

  • You want your kids to understand and speak Hindi

  • You love Bollywood Movies & Songs and want to understand them even better 

  • Your parents speak Hindi and you were brought-up in a non-Hindi speaking country

  • You have a Hindi speaking partner

  • You are a tourist on visit to India

  • You are an expat working in India

  • You can speak and understand Hindi but want to learn how to read and write in Hindi

  • Any other reason

Browse our website to learn more, and get in touch if you have any questions.


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Learn Hindi with HindiClicks

Learn Hindi with HindiClicks

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I'm so glad that my search for a good Hindi teacher ended with Ashima. She is lively, friendly and has a good understanding of her students strengths. She not only teaches Hindi but also shares information on cultural aspects. She is very easy to approach. A very flexible person who is always open to suggestions and requests.

  Vaidehi Ramya, USA, October 23, 2020

Ashima has taught my kids Hindi for a while now and I highly recommend her. Not only is her knowledge brilliant she’s so good with the kids and really develops a lovely rapport with them, my daughter has told me many times she wouldn’t want to Hindi lessons with anyone else.



Meera Patel, UK, November 11, 2020

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